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Superior Leadership provided by our Mayor...
Donald J. Baumgarten

Dear Castle Shannon Residents,

As residents of the Castle Shannon Community, we'd like to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of the dedication and conviction of Mayor Donald Baumgarten. Effort in doing one's job is something that can be expected, doing a job well should be appreciated, however doing a job with the energy and unending commitment that Mr. Baumgarten has provided is something that should be acknowledged and congratulated.

Beyond the daily duties of mayor, Mayor Donald Baumgarten has been installed as President of the Allegheny County Mayors Association. The inauguration ceremony was held at the Braddock Hills Holiday Inn on January 28, 2004. Mr. Baumgarten has been active in Castle Shannon politics over the last 32 years. In addition to being President of the Allegheny County Mayors Association, Mr. Baumgarten currently serves on the executive board of MRTSA.

Recently, Mayor Baumgarten has taken a lead role with borough council in researching cost savings between South Hills Regional Dispatch 911 and the County's Dispatch Unit which would save the borough $70,000.00 annually. The Mayor is also very active working with Police Chief Harold Lane in supporting our kids through the Borough's Schools D.A.R.E. Programs. Even though the position of Castle Shannon Mayor is considered a part time position, Mayor Baumgarten still finds time to report to his office at the borough on a daily basis.

The Allegheny County Mayors Association is comprised of 84 Mayors representing cities and boroughs throughout the county, including Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy. The Allegheny County Mayors Association meets quarterly and welcomes former Mayors as associates.

As residents of the community we'd like to thank, Mayor Baumgarten, for the leadership he's given to the community and has shown throughout the county.

Posted by,
Harry Munson
Requested by all of us that know the Mayor's dedication, activities and accomplishments...

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